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We started working with Andy and Liz in November 2021. Since then, we've built top quality, high authority backlinks to their site, including, and Better Homes and Gardens.

Most importantly, our HARO link building campaign has taken them to the top 3 positions in Google for their most profitable keywords.

As real estate investors, it can be challenging to build backlinks and stand out in a crowded market. HARO SEO is the solution we’d been searching for.
— Andy and Liz

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Top 14 Home Repairs To Do To Avoid Failing Inspection
“When you’re selling your home, the home inspection could be a make it or break it moment for closing the deal. If problems pop up during the inspection, you could be on the hook for dealing with expensive repairs — or worse, the prospective buyer could drop out.” | DR86

Will Staging an Office or Nursery Make Your Family Home More Likely To Sell?
“If you're putting your family's home on the market, staging a part of your home can make it sell faster. While the housing market is currently hot and favors sellers, it doesn't hurt to stage parts of your home to make it stand out to prospective buyers.”


Better Homes & Gardens


10 Landscaping Projects That Add Value To Your Home
“Though the real estate market is booming and home prices are already at record highs, it can't hurt to maximize the value of your property, particularly if you're considering listing it for sale. One of the ways to accomplish this is by investing in a well-chosen landscaping project.”


Unhappy in Your Home? Skip Real Estate Shows Like “Selling Sunset”
“The Netflix hit reality real estate show “Selling Sunset” recently returned with its fourth season, and its luxury home listings are almost as engrossing as the interpersonal drama. Five-bedroom, seven-bathroom homes with interior waterfalls and sweeping views of Los Angeles are enough to make any homeowner, or homebuyer, feel inferior.”


The Inside Scoop on 8 Cozy Homes From Your Favorite Holiday Movies: Which One Is On Your Wish List?
“Ah, Christmas, that magical time of the year when we gather with family, reflect on the year’s blessings, and binge on holiday movies. Yuletide flicks can be sentimental, hilarious, outrageous, or even disturbing (we’re looking at you, “Silent Night, Deadly Night”), but they almost all have one crucial thing in common besides the holiday itself: fabulous real estate.”


Postable | DR70

“What to say in a real estate thank you note isn’t necessarily common knowledge. And though you’ve written plenty of thank you notes in your life (we hope), there’s a chance you’ve found yourself feeling a little flustered this time. Experience in the real estate business is key to mastering this niche skill.”


Steadily | DR43

How Much Can a Landlord Raise Rent in California?
“The cost of renting in California has climbed steadily over the last two decades. Now, it is one of the most expensive locations to live in. So, how much can a landlord raise rent in California? In response to the state’s high housing costs, declining middle-class employment, and influence of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.


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The Most Common Places To Find Gold and Other Hidden Valuables in Old Homes
“While buying an old home comes with some downsides, there may be an unexpected bounty waiting for the diligent homeowner — gold and other valuables are sometimes hidden and then forgotten in various nooks and crannies. That’s right, according to, it’s not uncommon for people to leave behind valuables due to illness, death or simple forgetfulness.”


Agent Advice | DR63

17 Ways to Supercharge Your Real Estate Social Media Strategy
“If you are a real estate agent, you know how valuable social media can be in attracting leads and moving them down the funnel. You can use social media to build a following, keep users engaged, prove your value, and make sure they choose you when they require real estate services.”


Databox | DR80

How to Improve Your Reporting Process: The Do’s and Don’ts
“What can you do to improve your reporting process? Learn what tactics to try and avoid from 59 data experts. Many folks who manage data as part of their jobs wish they could perform better reporting. When we asked 59 data pros about their reporting processes, nearly 37% told us they could do better.”


Databox | DR80

Data Trend Analysis in Google Analytics: 7 Best Practices for Measuring Your Marketing Performance
“What is data trend analysis in Google Analytics, and how do you perform it? Discover best practices and examples from 50 marketing experts. So, you followed the marketing advice to set up a Google Analytics account for your website, and you’ve given it time to collect data. Now, what do you do with those numbers? They don’t tell a story on their own — that’s up to you.”


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